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Semiconductor Division

Four-C-Tron has established long-term partnership with several semiconductor equipment and material manufacturers to provide sales and service of equipments and materials for semiconductor fab and Solar industry.

Wafer Processing

Identify right equipment for the semiconductor fab, including wafer manufacturing, photolithography, thermal processing, plasma etch, PVD, CVD, wafer etching, and cleaning .

Assembly & Testing

Waferframe applicator, UV cure system, dicing, Laser marking , Die shear and bond pull testers, discrete component / Digital / Mixed signal test systems.





Sourcing quality consumable materials used in the semiconductor fab - wafers, epi - wafers, chemicals, electro polished SS tubes, quartzware and wafer carriers.


Fab facilities including cleanroom, DI water, gas management, scrubber and effluent treatment and safety equipments.

     25 years

"As I know the wet chemical stations are generally custom-built, required in relatively small numbers and were being imported for a long time. It is highly appreciated that your company has come forward to undertake the manufacture such equipments for the hi-tech Semiconductor processing industry resulting in effective import substitution and saving of foreign exchange."

- General Manager, Public Sector Company, India.


Diffusion furnace
Chemical Wet Benches
plasma Etcher
Gross leak / Fine leak Detectors
Environmental Chambers
Burn-in Chambers
CD Measurements
Discrete Component Testers
Memeory & Mixed Signal Testers
MEMS Testers
Quartz Parts
Wafer carriers
Acids & Etchants
Epitaxial Wafers
Clean Room Accessories

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